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Universal Languages – Photography
By Dick Evans

Beachgoers "Beach Blanket"               

June, 2013 | Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

Print | 24 x 36"

Principal Image Chinatown by Dick Evans_edited.jpg
Morocco by Dick Evans.png

Diva Before The Show

August 2018 | San Francisco, USA

Print | 16 x 24"

Moroccan Crafts Kiosk To Help 

The Less Fortunate ''Gracious Smile''

March, 2018  | Essaouira, Morocco

Print | 16 x 24"

Russia Portrait by Dick Evans.jpg
Turkey by Dick Evans.jpg

Siberian Mine "The Driver"

September, 2012 | Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Print | 24 x 36"

Two mannequins in provence.png

Turkish Gulet "Ready for Hire"

October, 2010 | Bodrum, Turkey

Print | 24 x 36"

Four Mannequins 

Provence, France 

Print | 16 x 24"

Mexico Portrait by Dick Evans.png
Oman by Dick Evans.png
India By Dick Evans boy.png

Omani Guide at Nizwa Market

"Mohammad the Guide"

December, 2008 | Nizwa, Oman

Print | 16 x 24"

Young Girl on Street "The Water


January, 2018  | Ahmedabad, India

Print | 16 x 24"

Russia Building by Dick Evans.jpg

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour  Russian Orthodox  "Bridge to Salvation"  

September 2012 | Moscow, Russia  

Print | 24 x 36"

Spain by Dick Evans.png
India by Dick Evans.jpg

Beachgoers "Beachtime"        

June, 2013 | Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

Print | 36 x 54"

Young Girls | "Angel and Devil" 

January, 2008 | Jaipur, India

Print | 16 x 24"

Spain_On the Blanket by Dick Evans.png

Art Salesperson | "Work of Art"   

November, 2017  | San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Print | 24 x 36"

India by Dick Evans Photography.jpg
India Photo By Dick Evans.png

School Outing  "Visiting the Step-Well"          

January, 2018 | Ahmedabad, India

Print | 24 x 36"

Ancient Mosque "A Place for Prayer"              

January, 2018 | Ahmedabad, India

Print | 24 x 24"

Dick Evans.png
Dick Evans

Dick Evans is a San Francisco–based photographer with an interest in documenting the colorful and rapidly changing neighborhoods of the city. Born into a ranching family in Eugene, Oregon, he graduated as an engineer from Oregon State University and subsequently obtained a master’s in management from Stanford.


He has spent his fifty-year career in the global metals sector, living in five countries and multiple locations in Africa, Europe, and North America. It was during these travels that he developed an appreciation for the diversity and richness of different cultures—both global and local—and an interest in documentary photography.

Following his OSU graduation Dick’s career has spanned over 50 years in the global metals industry, culminating as CEO of Montreal, Quebec based Alcan - operating in 63 countries and employing 85,000 worldwide. He has also served on the boards of directors of seven NYSE companies and chaired several international trade and policy associations – including the Davos World Economic Forum  Board  of  Governors  for

mining and the London-based International Aluminum Institute. He is currently the Chairman of Paris-based Constellium, a leading materials and solutions provider to the aerospace, automotive and packaging industries. 

Dick’s photographic style is to focus on authentic images of people, architecture, landscapes and cultural activities, which exhibit symbolic as well as immediate meaning.  For example, his award-winning book on the Mission District of San Francisco emphasizes the Latino population - and how their iconic muralism defines their neighborhood. His latest book Chinatown celebrates the color and resilient history of the United States' oldest Chinatown. Dick has over 100,000 images in his archives from the last two decades, since digital image storage became practical. This exhibition for the Little Gallery features a tiny sample of these images: from the Chinese Opera in San Francisco to a truck driver in remote Siberia – with shots from Turkey, Russia, Oman, India, Spain, Mexico and Morocco in between.   

OSU Little Gallery Flyer.jpg

The Little Gallery is located in Oregon State University at

210 Kidder Hall Corvallis, Oregon 97331

Hours are: Monday to Friday: 10 am - 6 pm 

Closed during noon hour 


Universal Languages–Paint, Prints & Photographywill exhibit Photography by Dick Evans and Prints and Paintings by Gretchen Evans. Click here to learn more about Gretchen Evans Photography Exhibit. Opening reception is Friday, November 12 – 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. The exhibit will start November 1 until December 17, 2021.

If you would like to be added to the email list to be notified of upcoming exhibitions, or would like to send in a submission for a possible exhibition opportunity, please contact Helen Wilhelm at or call 541-737-2146.

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