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Dreams Before Extinction | 2014
Naeemeh Naeemaei

Prints from a series of large scale paintings by Iranian artist depicting the need to protect wildlife.

Ut Pictura Poesis/Popular Expressions in Tunisia:   From Handicraft to Calligraffiti | 2014
Joseph Krause and Karim Hamdy
Karim Handy
Jasmine Revolution: Posters from the Tunisian Revolution | 2014
Carnet de Bretagne | 2014

Exhibition of text and sketches from Brittany, France

Marie Le Glatins-Keis

Portraits from an Iranian artist depicting the freedom of one’s inner life

Boundaries of Thoughts | 2015
Sahar Fattahi
Pain and Perseverance in Guatemala | 2015

Photography and Textiles documenting a Guatemalan Human Right Commission Study Abroad trip

Trischa Goodnow
Rick Bartow
Works on Paper | 2015
Behind the Fence | 2016
 Yuji Hiratsuka
Drawn to Murals | 2016

Public art from Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina

Eileen Hinckle
Secrets of the Creatures | 2016

Paintings exploring themes of environmental justice and animal rights

Irene Olivieri
Paintings from Seoul, Korea | 2016
Chang Ae Song
Views of Paris | 2016
Paintings from an anonymous collector
Park Bench Stories | 2016

Representational fabric collages of photos taken of people sitting on park benches from around the world

Leni Wiener
Source | 2016

Paintings, sculpture and installations referencing environmental justice and protection of nature. 

“All life is one, derived from one source”

Liisa Rahkonen, Sandra Roumagous & Eliza Murphy
North African-Middle Eastern Women Resisting with Art | 2017

Exhibition in support of grant for an Oregon State  University Summer Institute from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Joseph Krause and Nabil Boudraa

Lilia Labidi
Bountiful Harvest and Border Crossings | 2017

Paintings and Drawings.  Exhibition honors Latino farm workers of the Rogue Valley

Betty LaDuke
Dreams of Cuba | 2017

Photography from Cuba

Greg Bal
Brilliant and Resilient | 2017

Portraits celebrating the power of disabled women activists from around the world.

Emotions & Sensations| 2017

Celebrating the art of engraving from an artist who lives and works in Barcelona.

Dolors Escala
NosDeulen56 | 2018

Commemorative portraits from artists around the world of 56 girls who died or were severely burned in a fire in Guatemala City.

Many thanks to Susan Shaw, WGGS.

 Languages of Nature | 2018

Paintings and drawings celebrating the emotional nature and intricacies of the natural world.

Renee Zangara & David Maddison
 Mountain Memories | 2018

Glimpses of Asia.

Erin Price
 Languages of Nature | 2018

Paintings and drawings celebrating the emotional nature and intricacies of the natural world.

Renee Zangara & David Maddison
 Reverance | 2018

The exhibition was in support and celebration of OSU150.  Themes from the NW Indigenous heritage and culture, explored symbols, politics, activism through painting, installation and indigenous art practices.

Ka’ila Farrell-Smith, Natalie Ball & Rick Bartow
Celebrating Traditional Asian Dress and Culture  | 2019

Traditional, ceremonial costumes and objects  from China, Japan and Korea.

Costumes and objects on loan from the Chinese, Japanese and Korean WLC faculty .

Joseph Kruase
Drawing in The Norther Light, Photography | 2019

Poetry and photography inspired by the late 20th century Symbolist movement and Danish painter Hammershoi.

Re-Imagining Multilingualism’s at OSU | 2019

Exhibition of creative works by students of Linguistics 251, the School of Language, Culture and Society.   The student’s contributions served to reflect social justice issues around language bias and discrimination.

 Kick Keis | Waldo Hall
 Muxe:  The Poem That Never Dies | 2019

A glimpse into the world of the Zopotec Muxe community in Juchitán. Exhibition installed in Waldo Hall.

Works on Paper | 2020
Dolors Escala, Barcelona
Mary Beth Leigh
In a Time of Change:  Microbial Worlds | 2020

University of Alaska at Fairbanks– An Arts, Humanities, Science Collaborative Exhibition.

Discover the world of microscopic organisms – fourteen artists and writers magnify the microbial world.

The  exhibition references the complexities, and discrimination that face Asian-Americans and also explores the issues that face people

who are international adoptees. 

The photos show the harmony and mutualities of the world through portraitures, against background of cultures and locales around the world.  The monoprints convey a magical approach to composition and color.  And the nudes offer interest in the universality of the human form. Together, the exhibition celebrates our world of many cultures and the universal aspects of the human experience.

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