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Universal Languages – Paint & Prints
By Gretchen Evans
Monoprint - Woman in Green and Blue (2).jpg

Woman in Blue and Green | February, 2020

Monoprint  Akua Inks on Paper | 19 x 16"


Monoprint - Missed the Target (2).jpg

Missed the Target | July, 2019

Monoprint Akua Inks & "Chine Colle" | 19 x 16"


Monoprint - Looking for Other Worlds (2).jpg

Looking for Other Worlds | June, 2019

Monoprint Akua Inks & "Chine Colle" | 19 x 16"

Monoprint - Fashion Cue II (2).jpg

Fashion Que | October, 2019

Monoprint  Akua Inks on Paper | 19 x 16"

Monoprint - Lost in Space (2).jpg

Lost in Space | July, 2019

Monoprint  Akua Inks on Paper | 19 x 16"


Painting - Disappearing Woman II (2).jpg

Disappearing Woman II | November, 2019

Acrylic on Canvas | 30 x 40"

Monoprint - Nature's Dance (2).jpg

Nature's Dance | October, 2019

Monoprint Akua Inks on Paper | 19 x 16"


Monoprint - Mother & Child (2).jpg

Mother and Child | February, 2020

Monoprint Akua Inks on Paper | 19 x 16"

Monoprint - Multi Mother (2).jpg

Multi Mother | February, 2020

Monoprint Akua Inks on Paper | 19 x 16"

Painting - Disappearing Woman I (2).jpg

Disappearing Woman I | November, 2019

Acrylic on Canvas | 36 x 40"

Monoprint - Atmospheric (2).jpg

Atmospheric | September, 2019

Monoprint Akua Inks on Paper | 19 x 16"

Gretchen Evans.jpg
Gretchen Evans

Gretchen (Heesacker) Evans first realization that art was her passion came on a summer camping trip with friends to Europe – and especially Florence, Italy - in 1967. For the next 54 years art has always been part of her life – from studies of art history to practicing and teaching art to applying art principles in Interior Design – and currently as a studio artist in painting and monoprints in Sausalito, California.


Although she graduated in education at OSU in 1969, she soon moved to Spokane, Washington with husband, Dick Evans, and received a B.A. degree in Art at Eastern Washington University – while overseeing the art programs at the Spokane YWCA.


Even when the family moved to Ghana, West Africa for 4 years because of Dick’s career, Gretchen took advantage to complete an M.A. program in African Studies (with a heavy art component) at the Institute of African Studies in Legon, Ghana. 

 After returning to the SF Bay Area from Africa Gretchen developed a successful multi-decade career in Interior Design as a certified designer – applying the principles and sensibilities that she learned in art – as “interiors became her canvas”. She practiced her professional skills in the SF Bay Area and later in Montreal, QC , Zurich, CH, West Virginia and Cleveland.


While living in Ohio, one of her design projects was featured on the nationally syndicated TV show HGTV’s Homes across America and published in Northern Ohio Live magazine. Years later when she and Dick returned to SF to semi-retire, their remodeled home (with her touches) was featured in the Wall Street Journal weekend Architectural section. Over the past 7 years, she has focused her passion in art on painting and monoprints at her studio in Sausalito, California – but also finds time to volunteer teach art to students at the Northern Light School in Oakland. 

As a studio artist, Gretchen likes to work in thematic series experimenting with different concepts and different art mediums. Two pieces from her recent series “Disappearing Women” are included in the current exhibit at the Little Gallery.


Most of her current artwork involves painting with acrylics on canvas or paper – sometimes incorporating oil stick, graphite and collage elements. She has also recently been experimenting with monoprints using Akua Inks, and “chine colle” on paper. She enjoys the spontaneity of the monoprint process and finds it compatible with her personality and artistic skills. 

For more about Gretchen, her artwork and gallery exhibitions – go to her website at  

OSU Little Gallery Flyer.jpg

The Little Gallery is located in Oregon State University at 210 Kidder Hall Corvallis, Oregon 97331

Hours are: Monday to Friday: 10 am - 6 pm 

Closed during noon hour 


Universal Languages–Paint, Prints & Photography will exhibit Prints and Paintings by Gretchen Evans and Photography by Dick Evans. Click here to learn more about Dick Evans Photography Exhibit. Opening reception is Friday, November 12 – 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

The exhibit will start November 1 until December 17, 2021.

If you would like to be added to the email list to be notified of upcoming exhibitions, or would like to send in a submission for a possible exhibition opportunity, please contact Helen Wilhelm at or call 541-737-2146.

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